UX / UI Designer (Contract)

AutoCruitment is a small, fast-growing, and completely web-based company, specializing in recruiting and matching patients to clinical trials in their area. Utilizing successful online marketing strategies, we recruit patients who are carefully screened through our portal and then matched with nearby qualifying studies.

We are looking for a Product Designer to develop dashboards for our team. Our Marketing Team loves data. They need it all synthesized in one place where they can easily monitor campaigns and identify where to focus their energies. Our Site Engagement Team works closely with Trial Sites to ensure patients are moving along the funnel and randomizing into the trials. They need to quickly understand which sites require their attention and how we can help each one succeed.

Are you the UX Guru we need?

This isn’t your first rodeo. You have at least 2 years experience of product management for SaaS, enterprise or consumer products. Ideally, you’ve worked in a technology company in the Healthcare Industry.

You have an ample design, technical and analytical toolkit. Even if you can’t code, you have the technical skill set to support yourself and the rest of the team. You use your technical context to make better decisions faster. You understand design patterns and can create functional specs and wire frames.

You know how design impacts development. You understand the technical complexities a design might introduce, and you can work through them with the dev team so that everyone is on the same page. You don't want effort wasted, so you define requirements and habitually plan properly.

You put your team's and customers’ needs first. You enjoy aiding and enabling the team to do great work. You optimize your design strategy for what helps users best achieve their goals. You use data and user research to inform your designs. You challenge assumptions about what makes a design successful by interacting with users and promoting diverse exploration possibilities.

You love collaboration and feedback. You understand that great design doesn't happen in a vacuum. You believe in sharing your work early, openly, and often. You enjoy teaming up with project managers, developers, marketers, customer engagement specialists, and/or customers to help make the design team's work as effective as possible.

You love helping others. You are the first to jump in and suggest new ideas or alternative designs. You love sharing knowledge with the rest of your team. You listen to the needs of others and meet them. them.

What you’ll be doing

  • Designing well-crafted user interfaces and experiences that balance form and function.

  • Working with our Development Team to incorporate these new interfaces using Vue.

  • Working with our teams and clients to determine user goals and synthesize that information into effective UX Designs.

  • Solving customer problems at all levels through the use of research, data, and your own product intuition.

  • Work with the team to decide what to build next and execute those decisions.

  • Measure and report on the results of your work (creating dashboards etc.).

  • Experiment: this is a Startup, so we’re open to change as we are constantly growing and learning.

What you’ll need to do it

  • A master of the Adobe Suite and Google Ads.

  • Ability to synthesize feedback from multiple sources and find a path forward.

  • Highly organized and able to manage multiple concurrent tasks and deadlines.

  • Possess a proven track record of successfully managing paid ad campaigns for business needs.

  • A strong capacity for quality follow-through; when given a task, you take ownership and complete it.

  • A thirst for knowledge and learning; you continue to expand your design and marketing skills to become more adept, more innovative, and more versatile.

  • Clear and concise communication skills, including the ability to distil complex ideas in simple ways. (We’re a web-based company - clear and effective communication with the team is key!)


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