Digital Marketing Is Critical for Pharmaceutical Companies, CROs and Healthcare Providers to Engage and Retain Patients for Clinical Trials.

"If I were diagnosed with something tomorrow, one of the first things I would do is go online."

Digital marketing, the use of internet based media activities like content marketing, e-commerce, social media, e-mail direct, digital display advertising, search engine advertising and the use of video imagery across digital media like mobile phones, smart devices and laptops has become the preferred method to connect product and service providers with customers. The era of television, radio and traditional print mass media’s dominance is being upended, as digital savvy consumers are demanding more information from providers in a more individualized relationship. Digital marketing is causing a shift from a marketer empowered mass distributed connection to a consumer empowered, individualized personal relationship connection.

As with many industries, the delivery of healthcare has been dramatically disrupted by the digital technology revolution, both in the way services are provided and how the health care industry markets to their consumers.  Accustomed to traditional institutional forms of marketing, the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare sectors tasked with transitioning to the new digital communication environment are finding it challenging but critical in order to remain competitive especially in clinical trial patient recruitment.

Bethany Bray, Founder & CEO, AutoCruitment says, "In order for Pharmaceutical Companies or healthcare providers to actively engage and reach potential patients, it's critical to develop a marketing strategy that accounts for digital marketing.  We often see clients engage our firm in rescue mode, after most of the marketing budget has been spent, resulting in an anemic digital marketing effort. With more than 80 percent of consumers utilizing the internet to look up health related information it is imperative to invest in a marketing strategy that promises the most lucrative return on investment.” Many health-care marketing professionals say digital's measurability helps them defend their budgets. "Return on investment is on the top of everybody's agenda," said Paul Matsen, CMO of Cleveland Clinic.

Pharmaceutical Companies, CROs and healthcare providers conducting clinical trials are facing a brand new world of transparency and competition brought on by technology. Just as other industries have been compelled to abandon well established methods of attracting customers and promoting their services, Pharmaceutical Companies, CROs and healthcare providers must embrace the digital marketing experience to engage an ever more informed patient. "The patient journey is largely a digital journey at their moment of need," said John Weston, CMO at Mayo Clinic. "If I were diagnosed with something tomorrow, one of the first things I would do is go online."

AutoCruitment provides a path to effective digital marketing presence through a proprietary and targeted, direct-to-patient, online marketing platform that targets, recruits screens and automatically refers new patients for clinical trials or specialty medical procedures. By streamlining the patient recruitment process, AutoCruitment helps accelerate the commercialization of safe, effective new treatments for devastating diseases and conditions and directs patients to new and suitable providers.

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