All medications must be tested in clinical research studies before they can be approved by regulatory authorities for doctors to prescribe to patients. Without people taking part in these studies, we would have no new treatments. The volunteers who participate in clinical research studies play a major role in helping to advance medicine.

Benefits of a clinical research study 

Participating in a clinical research study does not guarantee that your symptoms will improve. However, you may have extra testing or monitoring as part of a clinical research study. You can also help researchers learn more about memory loss and investigational drugs, which could benefit others. With the combined efforts of researchers and clinical study participants, we hope to find better medications for future generations.

What happens if I sign up?

We will match you or your family member to a clinical research study in your area that is looking for participants with memory loss, confusion, or early stages of Alzheimer’s disease, or notify you when one becomes available. We will contact you to explain more about the study before you make your decision about participating. You may attend an in-person screening visit where a research doctor will help determine if the study is right for you and if you qualify.