Senior Backend Developer (Full-Time, Remote, Canada)

We’re a rapidly growing Health IT company that recruits and matches patients to clinical trials or hospitals in strictly defined geographic regions that have expert doctors for their condition (breast cancer, asthma, depression, etc.). This is managed through an online app linked to a large database handling thousands of queries every week. 

We are growing our development team! Our application is built in Python / Django and built on the Heroku platform. The frontend utilizes Vue / JavaScript and is growing rapidly. We ship out new updates and features daily. We are about to launch the second version of our application; do you want to help us get there? 

Are you the right fit?

Do you love building new things? You'll be focusing primarily on backend Python development and transitioning from Python to Go.  We are always looking for ways to improve our platform and launch new features.

Do you love your job? Your focus is on the tasks at hand. As a remote company with a spread-out dev team, we don’t work on a 9am to 5pm schedule. You will need to coordinate with the rest of the team and jump in when things break. 

Have you worked with teams before on large Python projects? This isn’t your first rodeo. You are also experienced with frameworks like Django.

Do you love shipping to customers? Your projects will focus on understanding the needs of customers and internal users and translating those needs from product specifications into functional, production ready code. You'll have the opportunity to ship code daily that will be used by thousands of people. 

Do you love learning? Technology is ever changing. You enjoy playing with new concepts and exploring areas that you might not have experience with yet. Your focus is on backend Python code, but you can dig in wherever needed. Vue, JavaScript, Bootstrap, you name it. If you don't know it, you're ready to jump in and learn it. 

Do you love testing? You love a successful launch, so you test your code before shipping. Always! You never want a customer to see a broken app, so you make sure everything is in place before shipping it.   

Do you love to set your own course? You can help direct the course of your projects. You'll have a direct impact on what we work on next. 

What you’ll be doing

  • Help scale a rapidly growing unique platform in the pharmaceutical industry. 

  • Transition our code from Python / Django to Go. 

  • Refactor or improve existing code. Our main app is written in Python / Django and we are migrating part of our backend to Go. And we constantly find ways to improve all our code. 

  • Plan and build new product features. Directly impact how our customers and internal users access the data they need. Help patients find the options they never knew existed. 

  • Ship to thousands of users every day while having lots of autonomy in terms of code and feature ownership. 

  • Working with developers to implement and directly contribute to our evolving design system. 

  • Collaborating closely with Project Managers to ensure your designed solutions are shipped to customers as intended. 

  • Regularly seeking out and sharing feedback to help improve the overall quality of our product and design thinking. 

  • Being the voice of our internal users & customers and advocating for their needs and abilities. 

  • Review code written by other team members or other teams. 

  • Help put tools, processes, and documentation in place to improve our code quality. 

  • Experiment: this is a Startup, so we’re open to change as we are constantly growing and learning. 


  • A Master of Python. Experience with Go, Heroku, AWS or Docker is a bonus!

  • You know Git inside and out. Experience with YouTrack is a bonus!

  • Ability to synthesize feedback from multiple sources and find a path forward.

  • Highly organized and able to manage multiple concurrent tasks and deadlines.

  • Proven track record of successfully balancing customer and business needs to attain goals and meet expectations.

  • Clear and concise written skills with an ability to distill and communicate complex topics in simple ways. We’re a remote company - communicating with the team is our lifeline!

  • Your English is top notch! You may speak other languages (including code!) but you think in English. While we’re a remote company with employees around the globe, we are primarily English speakers. We chat all the time and we want you to join in the conversation (and the jokes!). TOEFL or IELTS is preferred for non-native speakers.


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