Our Approach

Who We Serve 

AutoCruitment’s patient recruitment platform supports Hospitals, Cancer Centers, Private Practices, CROs, Sponsors and Research Sites by refering additional patients for specialty procedures or clincial trials.

AutoCruitment’s platform can be used to recruit, screen and refer:

  • Any number of patients
  • With any disease
  • Within any specified inclusion/exclusion criteria
  • From any location
  • In any timeframe 

Why Choose Us?

80% of people use the internet to look up health related information; we target the RIGHT patients resulting in 3x the number of referrals per month

The AutoCruitment online marketing platform was built for one sole purpose - to bring patients that are online, searching for solutions to their medical condition, to you. Our platform uses over 400 different online channels to target and reach engaged patients, residing in your geographical location, who are actively researching their medical condition online, and refer them to you. Our proprietary technology allows us to advertise online to the correct patient population (e.g BRCA1 patients) rather than anyone (medical students, physicians etc.) who are simply searching the internet for information and don't have the desired condition. This proprietary, technology enabled and targeted approach triples the number of patients referred/month compared to other advertising efforts, increases revenues for Hospitals, Private Practices and Cancer Centers and decreases recruitment times for clinical trials by 75%.

Patients can be automatically screened resulting in high qualify referrals

We drive patients to patient friendly websites specific to your project's need (be it clinical trial patient recruitment or specialty procedure new patient referrals), allowing them to sign up, opt-in and be screened online.

The AutoCruitment platform's online screeners can screen patients for age, location, disease, medications etc. so you only receive patients qualified for your specialty procedure or clinical trial.

Personalized Portal refers patients to the Clinic/Study Manager or directly into your EMR in real time.

AutoCruitment is an automated platform. We set up each clinic/study manager with a personalized portal allowing you to view and contact new patients for your clinical trials or specialty procedures as they sign up/opt in - in real time. Ensuring a seamless integration. If preferred, new patients can also be referred directly into your EMR or population health management tool.

An end-to-end solution with a 5 business day setup time

The AutoCruitment solution was designed for busy Hospitals, Research Sites, Cancer Center, CROs and Sponsors who are looking for new patients for their clinical trials or general clinic but don't have the time or resources to form an expert online or digital strategy team. We have created an end-to-end solution for you. We take care of designing all patient facing materials, IRB approvals (for clinical trials), and simply refer the patients to you. Our set up time: just 5 business days.

Guaranteed, Pay-Per-Performance Model 

Our pay-per-patient model ensures the quality of our service is guaranteed. 

Our Process


Our automated platform enables us to target and recruit your defined patient population, in your specified location. We then filter the patients based on your required criteria. This automated approach allows us to recruit patients significantly faster and decrease the number of phone and in person screen fails (1 in 3, or 1 in 4, of our patients get randomized compared to the industry benchmark of 1 in 20).

The process is as follows:

- We target and recruit your defined patient population, in your specified location

- We filter the patients for you based on your required criteria

- We refer patient information to you via our portal or directly into your EHR or Population Management Tool


Contact us to start receiving new patient referrals in just 5 business days.