Who We Are

Our Vision

Bethany Bray was frustrated by lengthy phase 1-4 clinical trial patient recruitment times and expensive patient recruitment strategies in her work in Neuroscience Research at Imperial College London and Oncology Research at the Winship Cancer Institute of Emory University. Collaborating with Chris Klaus and Ben Cooper, the trio devised a web-based software platform that allows patients or healthy volunteers to be recruited for any clinical trial, in any disease area, in any location, globally.

Originally formed in 2013 as NeuroCruitment with a sole focus on neurological diseases and recruitment for clinical trials, the benefits and effectiveness of the company’s unique web-based software platform quickly attracted CROs, sponsors and research sites addressing other therapeutic areas as well as Hospitals, Cancer Centers and Physicians groups looking to increase revenues through new patient referrals for specialty procedures. The company changed its name in early 2015 to AutoCruitment and expanded its offering;  referring patients for both clinical trials and specialty procedures.

By streamlining the recruitment process, AutoCruitment helps accelerate the commercialization of safe, effective new treatments for devastating diseases and conditions and directs patients to new and suitable providers. Clients are not the only ones to benefit from expediting the recruiting process; the platforms empower people who are suffering from chronic illness or disease with the ability to locate specialist providers and/or enroll in applicable clinical trials that offer access to potentially life-changing medical advances.

AutoCruitment is headquartered at Technology Square in Atlanta, GA.

Our Mission

AutoCruitment’s mission is to empower patients by giving them access to an automated platform that will match them to a clinical trial or suitable provider, accelerating the commercialization of safe, effective new treatments for devastating diseases and conditions and directing patients to new and suitable providers.

AutoCruitment hope to completely remove the patient recruitment barrier from clinical research; decreasing the cost and time it takes to get lifesaving therapies to market. .


Bethany Bray MRes, BSc

Co-Founder & CEO

Bethany Bray, founder of AutoCruitment, has a strong background in healthcare, Neuroscience, Oncology and clinical research, giving her a unique insight into the requirements of healthcare providers as well as companies conducting clinical trials. She has 10 years of experience in Pharmaceutical Research, Operations and Business Development and holds a BSc Pharmacology and Masters in Translational Medicine & Neuroscience from Imperial College London. She has served as an Oncology Research Specialist at The Winship Cancer Institute of Emory University Hospital, and is currently adding the title of MBA at the Georgia Tech Institute of Technology. 

DIA2016 Speaker


Ben Cooper, BSc

Co-Founder & COO

Ben Cooper has started and co-founded two companies (both of which remain in operation), advised Porsche AG, Europe and North America and the Volkswagen group on IT Strategy and Innovation, led high growth companies as a Sales and Strategy executive and advised over 150 companies (including Prestige Cruise Holdings, Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, The Gerber Group, National Corporate and Government Law Firm Jackson Kelly PLLC) on Sales and IT Strategy.

Ben received his BSc in Biochemistry from Florida Atlantic University and has extensive international corporate relationships with many fortune 100 companies within USA, Europe and the Asia Pacific.


Christopher Klaus

Co-Founder & Investor

Chris Klaus was the founder and CTO of Internet Security Systems (ISS), which was acquired by IBM for $1.3B. Chris formed ISS in the early 1990s as a student at the Georgia Institute of Technology. He grew the company to 1,200 employees and took the company public. He is currently founder and CEO of Kaneva, the first company to integrate social networking, shared media, games and collaborative communities into an immersive 3D virtual world.

Our Partners

AutoCruitment is proud to be a member of Georgia Tech's elite ATDC Select Technology Group as well as a graduate of the NeuroLaunch Accelerator.

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