The faster, enhanced way to recruit the right patients for your clinical trials or specialty procedures. Guaranteed.

A Targeted, Direct-to-Patient, Online Marketing Platform that Recruits and Refers new patients for your Clinical Trials or Specialty Procedures Automatically!

AutoCruitment has developed a targeted, direct-to-patient online marketing platform to recruit, screen and refer patients for clinical trials and specialty procedures (such as Medical Oncology). By teaming sophisticated algorithms with an automated process, we are transforming the once-difficult and time-consuming challenge of referring  NEW and additional, quality patients for your specialty procedures or clinical trials.

AutoCruitment’s unique web-based patient recruitment software platform uses over 400 digital channels to reach and advertise to the 80% of patients who use the internet to actively search for new treatment options, second opinions or  providers for their medical condition - in your geographical location. The AutoCruitment platform can be used to refer patients for specialty procedures or online-screen and refer patients for clinical trials. With new patients referred via our patient referral portal or directly into your EHR.

Our proprietary technology allows us to advertise online to the correct patient population (e.g BRCA1 patients) rather than anyone (medical students, physicians etc.) who are simply searching the internet for information and don't have the desired condition. This proprietary, technology enabled and targeted approach triples the number of patients referred/month compared to other advertising efforts, increases revenues for Hospitals, Private Practices and Cancer Centers and decreases recruitment times for clinical trials by 75%.

And with our pay-per-referral model our service is guaranteed; you only pay for the qualified patients we send.

We work with Hospitals, Private Practices, Cancer Centers, Pharmaceutical Companies, CROs, Research Centers and Biotech Companies to increase patient acquisition for specialty procedures and clinical trials in all therapeutic areas.

Find out why 100% of our clients are repeat customers.

80% of patients use the internet to look up health related information - we send those patients to you

The AutoCruitment platform uses over 400 different online channels to target, recruit and automatically refer new, additional patients for specialty procedures or clinical trials. Our proprietary technology allows us to target/reach engaged patients in your defined geographical location while they are actively researching their disease or treatment options. This proprietary, technology enabled approach triples the number of patients referred/month compared to  traditional TV, radio, print and other digital/online advertising efforts. All new patients are referred via our patient referral portal or directly into your EHR or population health management tool.

Quality Patient Referrals Decrease Recruitment Times for Clinical Trials and ensure 1:4 are randomized.

Our automated  web-based software platform allows us to target a defined patient population in one, or more, specified locations. Filters then allow us to qualify patients to a certain level prior to you phone screening them; so 1 in 4 of the patients we send are randomized; compared to the industry standard of 1 in 20 and using AutoCruitment's patient recruitment technology and methodology is 75% faster than other recruiting methods due to our proprietary technology and automated platform.

We recruit patients for Phase 1-4 clinical trials and our clients will attest that they recruited “significantly more patients for their clinical trials by using the AutoCruitment platform”. 

Our Guarantee

We are scientists. And we know our metrics. We are so confident in our platform that clients only pay for the qualified patients that we refer. 

Our Platform Attracts Minority as Well as Majority Populations

Our platform is attractive to both minority and majority populations. Allowing you to recruit your target patient population

Therapeutic Areas Supported

AutoCruitment’s platform and method of recruitment has proven successful in recruiting patients for all therapeutic areas, including Oncology. We specialize in both rare and common indications. Got an indication in mind? We will do a capabilities assessment free of charge! Find our how many Breast Cancer, Liver failure or Prostate Cancer patients we can reach in your specified location.



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